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NeverWinter Nights Model Viewer

Postby Steve_Jobs » Wed Mar 13, 2002 6:17 pm

some info I’ve gathered about the NWN Model Viewer:

<b>Links to the NWN Model Viewer and the Bugbear model:</b>

<b>Funny stuff from readme.txt:</b>

-Do not sit or stand too close to the monitor. Play as far back from the monitor as possible.
-Do not play if you are tired or need sleep.
-Always play in a well-lit room.
-Be sure to take a 10- to 15-minute break every hour while playing."

<b>Textures: </b>
The textures are 24-bit uncompressed TGA. All the textures included have been 128 x 128.
From the Bioware forums:
The usage of textures is a bit different for the bugbear model, it’s using multiple textures
to create a cool reflective effect on the bugbear’s armor.
1 for the main bugbear texture.
1 for the enviro mapping
and 1 which has various metal textures in it which is I assume a file used by multiple metal textures.
Shiny armor on Bugbear : If you want to remove the 'shiny' effect you have to edit the alpha
channel in the texture. Pure white is 'opaque' to the environment map, and will give you matte
textures - pure black is 'transparent' and will give you completely chrome creatures...any
greyscale art in between will give varying results, including cool glossy patterns or areas
of shiny and not shiny (as done with the bugbear).

<b>The model file:</b>
The model files have the extension .mdl, this extension is also used by rational rose (a
program used for class diagrams and associations, not 3D models).

The first few lines of the Bugbear model file (Bugbear.mdl) contains the following:

# model: Bugbear
filedependancy Bugbear.max
newmodel Bugbear
setsupermodel Bugbear a_ba
classification Character
setanimationscale 1.1
beginmodelgeom Bugbear

blah blah blah

Since the file is in ASCII format, it shouldn’t be too long before someone creates an
.mdl to .3ds converter. =)

<b>CPU usage: </b>
While running the viewer on an older machine, 500Mhz + GeForce 2 GTS, I noticed a high
amount of CPU usage. When I had the Bugbear running, the motion of the model was fluid,
but the CPU usage was at 100%. This is just with one model so imagine if I had 10 of
these creatures on the screen.

As a test, I created a White_Tiger and a Giant_Black_Widow. You can get them here: ...

Here are a few models created by other people: ...

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